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Motive Renewables joins Major Scottish Community Renewable Energy Scheme

Two hundred small wind turbines are to be placed in remote and rural locations across the Highlands and Islands, free of charge, as part of a joint initiative between Kingspan Wind and Scottish Equity Partners (SEP).

The project will give farmers and landowners the opportunity to install small single wind turbines on their properties, providing them with discounted power and heating for 20 years and beyond. The first turbines will be operational in Orkney by the end of September 2015.

The project is part of Kingspan Wind’s Energise initiative, a turbine hosting scheme for small wind which was set up to help eradicate fuel poverty within remote Scottish settings and provide a financial return.

The initiative is being supported by £9 million of investment from SEP, while Kingspan Wind will be supplying its world-renowned KW6 and KW15 small wind turbines. Planning, capital and maintenance costs over the 20 year guaranteed life of the turbines will be financed within the scheme.

Up to 95 percent of the energy generated by the turbines can be utilised on site, which means that not only will they deliver a reliable source of year-round electricity, but surplus energy can be used to heat water for use in space heating or the water supply in the farmhouse or around the farmyard.

Richard Caldow, Kingspan Wind’s general manager commented, “This initiative demonstrates how Kingspan Wind is committed to helping people particularly those in the Highlands and Islands, to have a reliable, affordable energy supply.

“It also helps the Scottish Government’s long term renewable energy targets, which we are dedicated to support.”

He continues, “Our new, much-anticipated KW15 turbine is now in full production and, despite the reduction in feed-in-tariffs which the government recently announced, small wind remains entirely financially viable with good returns for turbine owners, particularly for 15kW.

“The Energise scheme is designed to be replicated at other high wind speed areas across Scotland, both on residential and commercial sites and I’m delighted to say that further suitable locations are actively being sought.”

Motive Renewables is a framework partner of this initiative, as well as Scotland’s longest established partner of Kingspan Wind.

James Gregg, CEO of Motive Renewables commented, “We are delighted to be part of this initiative which is helping the Scottish Government to deliver on its renewable energy targets as well as helping to alleviate fuel poverty in remote and rural areas of Scotland”.

“This new development comes at an exciting time for our business as we have also recently launched a turbine retro-fit package for owners of stricken manufacturers across the country”.

Motive Renewables also provides a rescue plan to customers of other small turbine manufacturers that are no longer in business and a spare parts range for Proven Energy turbines.