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1. Do I require planning permission?
In the UK it is generally a requirement to obtain planning permission prior to installation of a wind turbine. General Permitted Development (GPDO) does exist in certain areas.
Ground mounted solar and solar trackers require planning permission but roof mounted solar does not require permission.


2. Do I need three phase electricity?
No, many small wind turbines and solar installations can be configured for connection to single, dual and three phase. We also have off-grid options for customers who are independent from the national grid.


3. How much land do I need to install a small scale wind turbine?
Ideally you need to be in an open aspect location with at typically 140m separation from your nearest neighbouring amenity area. The illustration below illustrates the relevant distances for good performance.


4. What is the expected lifespan of the turbine?
Our turbine range is designed for up to 25 years operation when serviced in line with the manfacturers requirements.


5. Is there a product Warranty?
Our turbines and solar systems come with a standard 5 year parts and labour warranty*, we also provide an installation warranty for our workmanship.
*provided by the manufacturer


6. Are birds and bats affected by small scale wind turbines?
Where appropriately sited, birds and bats should not be affected. A general rule is to ensure a turbine is installed at least 50m from any hedgerows.


7. Are different size towers available?
Yes. Mast size is selected based on the surrounding typography of the site and local planning requirements. Our turbine masts range from 6.5m to 20m and are also available with a hydraulic option.


8. What do I do to check if my site is suitable?
Motive Renewables are on hand to provide FREE site assessments and provide a tailored report on costs, energy estimations and also advise which of our product range best suits your site. Not all wind turbines can be installed in any location, so we will advise on which turbines is best for you. We will also advise if your site is not suitable for a turbine or solar panels.