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Officially the UK’s Best Selling Small Wind Turbines*

Officially the UK’s Best Selling Small Wind Turbines

Did you know that over half of all small wind turbines installed in the UK last year was a Kingspan Wind Turbine?*

The KW6 was the highest in demand within the range with over 50% of the UK market choosing Kingspan Wind as their turbine of choice.

With an unrivalled pedigree in the UK & Irish market, the KW6 has now been operating for over 25 years and has been installed in over 70 countries and on every continent. Typically suited to the rural and agricultural sectors, the Kingspan Wind range has seen increased interest from businesses, utilities and commercial applications as well as achieving much success for investors under the Energise Funded Wind Initiative.

Kingspan Wind General Manager – Richard Caldow commented “Despite the reduction on subsidy in the UK, the KW6 remains a sound investment for many customers. Track record and a low cost of ownership make this particular turbine the obvious choice for those looking to wind energy as an alternative energy source”

“Its popularity doesn’t just apply to the UK& Irish markets; we have increased fleet run hours in the Offshore sector with new installations on unmanned Oil & Gas platforms in the North Sea and Indian Ocean as a result of our KW3EX being the first and only Atex Approved small wind turbine in the world.”

Available on mast heights from 9m through to 20m and with all connection types available, the Kingspan KW6 is certified under the MCS scheme for single phase, split phase and three phase connections.

(*) refers to statistical data taken from MCS. MID_STATISTICS_2016.01.01 and Kingspan Wind UK installations 2015.