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Installing your own wind turbine has never been easier and at Motive Renewables we pride ourselves on offering the complete solution to meet your needs. Feed-in Tariffs help to support the financial investment with a guaranteed 20 year income, so not only are you benefiting from generating your own energy but you are also earning at the same time. You are paid a fee for every kWh you generate (even if you use it) with an additional fee for 50% of your production paid as a deemed export*. Exporting arrangements can be made for those wishing to enter into an export agreement (generally for high power generators). *on systems up to 30kW in capacity.


Kingspan Wind  We are Scotland’s longest established suppliers and installers of Kingspan Wind Turbines. These wind turbines are manufactured in Scotland and backed by a multi-billion turnover PLC. Kingspan Wind offers unrivalled expertise and durability across their product range. Available for Single Phase, Split Phase and Three Phase connections (as well as off-grid) the Kingspan range is one of the most sought after – designed and certified to Class 1*, outstanding durability is offered to customers, giving peace of mind on your investment. Warranty covers Parts & Labour.

Kingspan KW6

The Kingspan KW6 is the UK’s best selling Small Wind Turbine, with a 25+ year track record, this small turbine is perfect for rural domestic, small holders and agricultural applications. There are over 3500 of these turbines installed globally as far afield as The Falkland Islands and Antarctica.

Medium Wind – >50, 60 & 100kW

Motive Renewables offers a range of Medium Wind Turbines. 50kW to 100kW turbines are ideally suited to high energy consumers with sufficient land to install a larger turbine. With so many options available, Motive Renewables will advise on which turbine we believe to be most appropriate for you following a site feasibility visit.